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Platform Security

Our servers are based in Sydney, Australia. Your data will never leave Australian shores, or be provided to 3rd party platforms, or Marketing companies.

By default, we only capture your members Name and Email address. We do not store private information (Address, Phone, Credit card etc) on your members.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) can be turned on anytime to provide additional security for your members. By default we use EMAIL Authentication for 2FA, however we do have SMS Authentication available (however, we'd need to store your members' mobile numbers for this).

All KLE members passwords are encrypted. We (Kontent Labs technical team) cannot read any password. However, whilst the system provides "Password reset" options for members, we (and your Administrators) can reset a members password, and request the member changes the new password on their next login.

KLE is built around Group Membership. Members can be added to one, or mulitiple Groups for wide exposure to your content. Groups are a way to compatementalise your content and data. Members of Group A can never see any content or Membership from Group B and so forth.

KLE is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers based in Sydney. We therefore utilise their robust security protocols and ,measures for additional platform security. Access to the Servers back-end is restricted to specified IP addresses (Kontent Labs Tech team PCs only) and an encrypted KEY. This prevents server level hacking and access.

Our daily backups are encypted and stored off-site in a secure location. 

KLE also provides usage auditing on all Members. This includes tracking the Members IP address and location (by City).

Whilst you (The Client) 100% own your own data, and are solely responsible for your own data/content, we have a policy to remove offensive content if reported.

For more information around hosting security Policy, Governence and Acceditations, please refer to this AWS link.

If you have any further questions around Kontent Labs Security, please reach out to us via our Contact form.

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