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Dementia Australia Learning Hub

Dementia Australia (DA) is Australia's premier provider of Dementia advocacy services and support. 

DA Learning joined the KLE Community in 2019 to provide their staff a platform in which to collaborate and engage with one another. Soon after they invited their customers (Carers and professionals within the Dementia Industry).

Late 2019, Kontent Labs worked with DA to digitise their formal Dementia Essentials program (previously run face to face) and thus, created a 2nd Portal within their KLE platform to run and manage their Essentials program.

In 2020, DA worked on a Joint-Venture with Deakin University to develop an Artificial Intelligence program to enable their students to practice real conversations with a Dementia Patient. This program was called Talk with Ted.

Kontent Labs integrated the KLE platform with Deakin Universities AI Server, allowing full conversation data to be available to a student and they never need to leave the trusted safety of the DA environment.

DA has also created new standalone portals and workflows to support their informal learning and formal CertIV program.

DA achieves significant economy, trust and control against their defined workflows all under one platform with multiple portals and ecommerce options. 

DA also has fully controlled "marketing widgets" that allows for cross sell of programs no matter where they originate from, all within one trusted ecosystem. 

Consolidated reporting and management also now delivers student market insights without excess resources to support scale. 

DA utilise the following modules/features of KLE;

  • Forums (Public and Group based)
  • Resources (Public and Group Based)
  • Event Scheduling
  • Pathways (learning pathways covering Elearning, videos, resources and the AI engine)
  • Certificate of Completion (PDF)
  • Assessments (formal and informal)
  • Surveys (pre and post training)
  • On-platform ADS widget (intro and cross-sell)
  • Ecommerce
  • Multiple-lab Portals
  • Advanced and consolidated Admin Reports
  • Export reports to Excel
  • Email and in-lab communication and notifications
  • Private one-to-one Chat

To learn more about Dementia Australia and their wonderful Education programs, please visit them here.

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