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BioMelbourne Network Marketplace

As the premier association for the BioMedical Industry, BioMelbourne Network is tasked with developing and supporting best practice industry information to support export opportunities for local suppliers, but also highlight Melbourne/Victoria as destination of choice for global operators. 

BioMelboourne Network maintains one of the most active events and information session organisations as well as an increasing online community.

The BioMelbourne Network Learning Library is using a marketplace and contextual search framework to ensure the most relevant trusted assets from within the network are available as needed by the industry.

100's of hours of videos, webinars, industry expert audio interviews,  information sheets, sorted compiled and available as needed against specific criteria. This solution uses some highly specialised internal search and deployment technology, to deploy in the context of "need" with personalised notes and transcripts, forums and chat. 

Multiple ecommerce, credit card, invoice, subscription, membership, enrolment and dynamic search options are available for a constantly changing industry.

Catalogue asset management and devolved administration are also paramount to support individual and whole organisational purchases and ecommerce workflows.

To learn more about BioMelbourne Network, You can visit them here.

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